Redfire IT delivers all the capabilities of your own IT department without the burden of managing it yourself.

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Redfire Specializes in Managed IT Services and IT Consulting for Business.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services takes everything you know to be true about your technology and modifies it to be better and more efficient.  Our technicians proactively monitor every moving piece of your technology.  If we find an error, we fix it.  If you need support, we hold you up.  If your business is attacked, we fight the battle for you. Managed IT Services is the only realistic path to a reliable infrastructure and advanced technology.

All Services

Our Mission at Redfire is to make technology easy to use for our clients.

Redfire Technology Services is a full-service IT company providing outsourced IT services including managed services, VOIP solutions and infrastructure support for small and mid-sized Southern California businesses. IT consulting is the bridge that connects your business to information technology, to help you better meet business goals and objectives.







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